Sweetheart ♥

Little heart, red heart, purple heart, my sweetheart
Beating to the rhythm of the love, my sweetheart.

Little heart, blue heart, pink heart, my sweetheart
Skipping to the beats, you dance and sing, my sweetheart.
The butterflies flies to your beating, oh my sweetheart.

Little heart, green heart, red heart, my sweetheart
You beat beat beat and you stop, oh my sweetheart
Beat beat beat, there’s a knot in my gut, oh my sweet little sweetheart
Beat beat thump,  stinging pain in my sweetheart.

Little heart, yellow heart, orange heart, my sweetheart
Beat thump, beat thump, my aching little sweetheart
Heavy thump, heavy thump, crack open sweetheart
Break break break, you aching little sweetheart
Break ache, knotting pain, my hurt little sweetheart.

Little heart, grey heart, black heart my sweetheart
You break open, crash open, sad little sweetheart.
You seek seek seek , what breaks you my sweetheart
You hurt, you ache, you mourn mourn my sweetheart
I feel you, I see you,  I am with you my sweetheart
We can mend, all the pieces, you’ll be whole again my sweetheart.

Little heart, brave heart, loving heart, my sweetheart
Little heart, kind heart, loving heart, my sweetheart
Beat beat beat, brave warrior, my sweetheart.

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