I write with my hand

I write with my mind

I write with my heart

and with everything

I have, seen, sensed and heard.

It is not always easy to put it into words,

and even if it is written,

It sometimes, feel like someone else’s instructions.

But what are we,

If not same atoms, molecules, aligned uniquely.

However, I wish to be true to how my particles are aligned,

So I rejoice every time, it happens

When I could be true,

to the truest, smallest particle that holds on,

for me to exist.

Because They Bloomed

Flowers bloom and wilt

People collide and depart

This, is not forever

It is the only thing, that lasts

Annoyance and Resentment

Disappointment and Grievances

They become unnecessary one day,

They become a regret one day,

They become a guilt so big,

They become the sender of the flowers to the graves.

Those flowers wilt, because they bloomed,

The cost of the grudges, are paid by their wilt

Then, even the objections and the objectors, fade into the air,

Until the grave and the wilt, is all that remains.

P.S Here grave is a symbol, which signifies impermanence, death, memory, nostalgia and much more.

Shadow Self

At first I was protecting her, so I put her in shadows,

but later I was protecting myself from her, and she became the shadow.

She was reckless with her heart, so it used to shatter more often than not,

I didn’t want my heart to break, so I didn’t let her have a say,

They said, they used to be like her, but not with awe, but condescension,

I felt her being seen as weak, so I tried to be everything but her.

She used to see unconditional love as a virtue, and I experienced it to be a vice so hopeless.

Trust me, I was trying to protect her, but never knew, she would become my hostage.

She could never speak or have a say again.

I saw her as pure, too pure for this world,

Yet I started to see her from their eyes.

I saw a pathetic, naïve, emotional, hopelessly loving girl, who is too weak to be their equal.

The games they play, she never stood a chance,

I too found myself being repulsed by her, exactly as they were.

Though I burned the ground, they were playing on,

I still kept her jailed, as if, it was her,

who was the reason of my pain.

I burned the bridge, which led them to me and her,

but I feel, I also tried to burn the bridge between me and her.

I made her my shadow, because I was so afraid of her,

I was protecting her, but never was able to accept her.

She became someone I am ashamed of, ashamed of her big heart,

and more ashamed that she couldn’t play their games and never was their match.

I lost the sight, blinded by the pain and shame,

I was angry with her, that she was not a player, as they were.

I was angry with her, as she couldn’t hit back, and just took the hits.

I know I was trying to protect her, but I was born from her,

She created me, to protect her,

She is not my shadow, I was hers.

We were always meant to compliment each other,

I could never exist, if it was not for her.

I now, invite her out of the shadows,

We need each other, as the light needs the darkness,

Enantiodromia, me and her,

Together, creating a sharper version of us.

May the best man win, and the best woman be the prize

To be dragged into the muddied water of sensual policies,

May the best man win,

and the best woman be the prize.

Ugly world of the pretties,

He will be the one to look,

and she will be the object of his sight.

Don’t you feel repulsed by these normative,

Don’t you feel, you were asked to choose between the moulds,

but there was no choice, to choose or not.

To be dragged into the muddied water of sensual policies,

May the best man win,

and the best woman be the prize.

Boring and mediocre are your celebrations,

She brings the womb, and he brings his name bearer

You talk about evolution, but have you?

Giving into the overused, lackluster narrative,

Is it the lack of courage or the immense self loathing?

To be dragged into the muddied water of sensual policies,

May the best man win,

and the best woman be the prize.

(No)where to go, (Now)here to be

Muddied water sits still, after a while,

The sky clears, after the storm settles.

A pounding heart catches itself, after few breaths,

When there is (no)where to go, (now)here might be your best bet.

“Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional”,

Pain is an innate part of life, as goes the Buddhist saying.

I heard recently, suffering is pain multiplied by resistance,

Even the stoics say, ‘Amor Fati’, and they welcome their fate.

There might be an urge to fast forward, to the happier moments,

but have you met a person, appreciating their blessings, when they cannot appreciate their lessons?

Its true, one cannot see the light, if they haven’t been in their own darkness,

When there is (no)where to go, (now)here can be your best bet.

Do not wrong yourself by abandoning yourself, when the grief and sorrow strikes,

There are too many answers, in the very moment, you despise,

There are keys found, to the doors right.

Who deserves your patience and love, more than yourself,

What in the world, needs more attention and care, than your wounded self,

When there is (no)where to go, (now)here is your best bet.


“Will you still love me, when I am no longer, Young and Beautiful,

Will you still love me, when I have got nothing, But my aching soul.”

I know you won’t, I know you won’t, I know you won’t.

Half a decade ago, I would have singed along with the actual lyrics,

but my illusions were shattered.

And I am glad, they were.

I was shown, my replaceability, because I was only perceived as some-body

Their fetishes and fantasies were projected on that body,

but it meant, the body was, means to an end.

A house is replaced, once you want the one, with a skyline,

A car is second-handed, for a status up lifter,

A phone becomes obsolete, every September.

A (some)-body becomes, out of trend every season,

A (some)-body has a best-before age,

Welcome to the harrowing dark ages.

Here, you are not a person with your complexities, contradictions, inner rich worlds, filled with dreams, desperations, passions, love, longings and visions,

Here, you are not someone’s daughter, son, or friend,

Here, you are not someone who struggles every day and yet survives,

Here, you are not the survivor, who battled many fights.

Here, you are not a person, a human being,

Here, you are just some-body, (some)-body, a body.

A Witch

She was a girl, just a girl,

who wanted to be loved

that was her only longing.

She was in lack,

of love, of warmth,

She ached for it.

She encountered many,

and always hoped for that ‘dream come true’.

Does not work like that, does it?

Desperation and longing

can turn a sane person mad,

and that’s what became her,

after too many gambles.

Longing for love and affection,

affection and love.

Wondering, why it did not work with others?

Simply, they were not the one,

but the one, was her.

Herself, was her answer.

Many stabs, bullets and stakes later,

did she realize, that it was her, she was looking for.

The messy journey to herself, became her, then most dreaded and now most favorite.

She looked at nothing and no-one in the same way, the girl did.

She scaled everyone, never did the girl

She slammed the door when necessary, the girl never dared

She cared more for her soul, than to play nice, the girl never had a choice but nice.

The girl journeyed far, to become more than a girl,

She burned through the flames undeserved,

and that’s how, she became a witch.

Procrastinate much?

It is irrational, that anyone would do, what will harm them, right?

“Procrastination is the act of delaying or putting off tasks until the last minute, or past their deadline.” (

Why do we do it? And don’t worry, we all do it. And No its not “laziness”, as laziness is an unwillingness to act, while procrastination is wanting to act, knowing how important it is to act, and still or maybe due to that, not being able to act.

A recent Ted-Ed video discussed, that procrastination is the result of our body trying to protect ourselves, by avoiding tasks, we see as threatening.

But how can be a task, that is good for us in long term, be threatening?

It turns out, that we procrastinate tasks that induce negative feelings. These negative feelings can be dread, insecurity, incompetence, doubt, fear etc. When we associate these negative feelings to a task, we are more likely to avoid that task, to protect ourselves, from that negative feeling we have linked to that task. But unfortunately, by avoiding the task, negative feelings are caused anyway, as now, its in the form of guilt and shame, for not doing the task.

When there is a perceived threat, the amygdala, that processes our emotions, and identify threats, releases stress hormones like adrenaline, and triggers a fear response. This stress induced anxiety, dominates the signal from our pre-frontal cortex (Pre-frontal cortex help us think long term and helps regulate emotions). Hence, to get over this fear response, we avoid the task and do a seemingly less threatening task instead.

Procrastination is found to be more prevalent in individuals with low self esteem and those who have difficulty regulating emotions. And Procrastination can lead to anxiety, depression, shame, stress and even physical ailments.

Is there a better way?


Go do your own research, I am not gonna spoon feed you :p

I don’t know, what would work for you, but for me, I can tell.

  1. Only have things in your life, you would want to work on. Eg. I have an Engineering degree but cannot imagine myself working it that field (yet), so if I give myself task, of say finding a job in that field and then doing that job, for the rest of my life, till I get the sweet release of death. No Thanks.
  2. However, I want to pursue career in Counselling and Psychology, so I chose to study along with doing a job, and trust me, its challenging, but I still do my assignments happily(mostly), because, I want to work in that field, I am curious about the subject, so what’s to dread about the assignments?
  3. I work, and when I started as an Environmental scientist, I had no clue on how things work, but, breaking the task down helps. If you know, even the first step, do it, the second step will be easier to do, because now you have evidence that you could do the first step, second shouldn’t be that hard. And when I don’t know even the first step, I ask someone for help or usually google it 😀

These days, I tell myself, that if I do, what needs to be done, now or as soon as possible, there would be one less thing for my future self, and one more chance for her to do something else she likes. Its a self love thing, its a love letter to her, from old me.

Curiosity Vs Dread Learning Vs Incompetence Self love and Compassion Vs Insecurity

These are the common reasons, why we procrastinate

  • Not knowing what needs to be done
  • Not knowing how to do something
  • Not wanting to do something
  • Not caring if it gets done or not
  • Not caring when something gets done
  • Not feeling in the mood to do it
  • Being in the habit of waiting until the last minute
  • Believing that you work better under pressure
  • Thinking that you can finish it at the last minute
  • Lacking the initiative to get started
  • Forgetting
  • Blaming sickness or poor health
  • Waiting for the right moment
  • Needing time to think about the task
  • Delaying one task in favor of working on another

“The great decisions of human life have, as a rule, far more to do with instincts and other unconscious factors than with conscious will or well-meaning reasonableness.” Carl Jung

Understanding why we see something as threatening can save us, our time and sanity. Either something can be good for us, or not. And if something is good for us, then we need to inspect, why we are standing in our own way?

Further Resource:

This one is not going to be pretty

I believe myself, to have no appetite for ‘tacky’,
Yet, I find them, slipping their way into my life.

I think, it is saying more about myself,
When wanting one thing, but accepting complete opposite.
I do not intend, to shame myself or others, in such positions,
But I ache, with a curiosity to understand, why I or someone, would do it.

Often, realizing myself, adjusting my liking,
Is it ‘people pleasing’ or  rejection of my own self.

Being assertive has never been easy,
And too often, I have crushed mine, in finding other’s humanity.

Every ‘tacky’ has some potential, and is a still ‘forming’ human being,
Yet, honouring that, does not mean,
I am suppose to, betray my own needs.

Every ‘tacky’ has a responsibility of themselves and their own growth.
However, I am not here, to realize their potential,
But to reach my own.

It might be brutal, Yes
But I feel, I might just fully embrace,

my ‘arrogance’ and ‘snobbishness’ ; )

DO NOT hold the door

I let you in,
And I kept the door open.
At first, it was by choice,
but later on, it became a default
It was out of compulsion
It became something I could not/would not control.

The helplessness of the situation became too unbearable,
And I made myself believe, that it was my choice.
I gave reasons, justifications, to why, I kept the door open.

Behind the scenes, I was working on building my strength again, I was working on remembering myself.

I did close the door partially, but with a hope, that closing it a little would make a statement, but keeping it open meant, the chance of amendments.

Back of mind, I could realize the absurdity of my logic, of my hopeless hopefulness.
And nothing I was doing, was giving me any relief, and my very hope was smothering me.

Fortunately, the work behind the scenes showed its result,
And in a snatch of a moment,
I closed the door shut.

Was it to make a statement?

Was it to punish you?

It is not a punishment to you, but the reinforcement, I considered myself too afraid of;
And turns out, the very thing I was afraid to do, was the thing I needed to.