The Origin

We are a reflective being, we absorb from our surrounding and reflect it most of the times. As a child we learn from what we observe, what we touch, what we hear.I consider myself lucky to have a person in my life who is amazingly harmless,kind and beautiful inside-out maybe for her own good.Its very intuitive that the person is my mother but let me try to express my gratitude which is difficult as no words can justify how crucial her role is to define who I am right now and choice of the ideology,morals or guidelines that I try to adopt in my life. The one thing that always stays with me about a person is how they treat other people and when I think about her it touches me how she always have the strength to see good in others rather than putting them down,she is always grounded and modest no matter how fantastically intelligent and talented she is, she is a listener with an open heart.It is very stressing that in spite of being such a gem of a person, her qualities and worth are sometimes overlooked .

There have been many instances in my life that I have been told not to be like my mother, to not be sensitive or feel too much; basically to be strong (Assuming that she is not!!). Happily and proudly I say that those advice were superficial and absolutely unacceptable because from where I see she is one of the strongest people I know and admire.She chooses accepting over judging; She chooses learning over arrogance; She chooses being modest over showing off; She chooses kindness over judging and most importantly she do not be like that occasionally she chooses to be like that over and over every day,every second.

I believe every human need some acknowledgment for their action and a person who in spite of being underestimated and not appreciated still persevere to have a kind heart is the strongest. For me my mother is the reason that i have faith and i believe that good exist and kindness is the only way.

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