Happy place as Silver…

As I am turning 25( Silver), I feel it’s an end of an era and start of something new. I don’t think there would be any better opportunity to be Grateful for my time on Earth. The below is a piece of my heart that is an attempt to be grateful for the things that made me who I am right now. Thank you everyone I came across in life and thank you all for reading and supporting me…

I hope you enjoy it..


# The Time In Satlasana Where My Mother Would Run Around Me To Stop Me From Eating Soil… Hehe

# The Slideshow Of Memories That Makes Me Feel Happy To Be Alive.

# The First Time I Discovered My Love For Dance.
# My Junior School Where I Pushed My Boundaries To Explore Myself.

# The Step I Took To Get Out Of My Comfort Zone.

# The Swing In My House That Handled My Acrobatics Which It Only Knows About.
# The Auto rickshaw In My Junior School And The Mischief With My Adorable Childhood Friends.

# The Time I Explored My Playful Side And Lost Myself.

# My Grandparents Place Where I Could Escape My Life.

# Pune City That Gave Me Most Harshest But Incredible Memories To Help Me Grow Tremendously.

# My Pink And Blue Blanket On A Winter’s Sunday Morning.

# Time I Earned Friends In Whom I Could Confide.
# Cooking For My Loved Ones.
# Sitting besides My Father In Car When He Tries To Sing Along With Me.
# My Alone time That Frees Me From Meaningless Worries.
#The Time I Earn A Baby’s Confidence And Comfort The Little One.
# The Time My Mother Is My Best Friend And I Am Her’s.
# The Ocean Beach On A Rainy Day.
# The Time I Fell In Love With A Beautiful And Loving Soul That Treats Me Like I Am Brand New Miracle every time .

# The Space With Music And Candles.
# The Pen And A Blank Page That Relieves Me From My Pain.

# Those Shortest Yet Most Significant 9 Hours With That Almost Angelic Person Who Helped Me To Lift Myself.
# When I Realized I Am Enough.
# When I am Content And Peaceful That’s Why


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