Bringing shadow to the light (26/3/2021)

The intoxicated, The angry , The entitled,

Came to me with their vices.

Poked me, threatened me and degraded me,

To check if I had it.

If I had the will for patience,

If I had the will for perseverance,

If I had the will to keep my composure.

Labelling their vices, I realized,

Why they rocked my boat with their tides.

The intoxicated called for my ‘uninhibited’,

The angry roared to hear a roar back from my ‘savage’,

The entitled slyly instigated my ignorant, low frequency ‘self centredness’,

They all together tapped and tapped and tapped into my darkness.

Shadow work is not acting on our dark repressed emotions, it’s about being aware and accepting our darkness.

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