Like the Ocean Waves

Longing for them,

I feel this heart loving them.

It is not the longing to be near,

But it is for them to be alright, in clear.

It is okay, to be here,

As I still feel them as real, in here.

The ultimate thing I could need for us,

Is for you to smile and for me to see that sight.

The distance of the physical world,

I would appreciate and not curse.

It did brought me to realization

That you are not far, but away a thought.

And the meaning, the feeling of your entity

sweeps in and embraces me warm,

like a blanket made of sunshine,

protecting, uplifting and loving me unconditional.

The vision of you is enough,

To send love, healing and peace your way.

The faith of it reaching you is like knowing,

That one wave of the ocean

Will move the other wave,

No matter how big the ocean.

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