Anything but,

Can I be the air, that blows without going anywhere,

but be everywhere.

Can I be the earth that does not get sad when stepped on,

but be the ground for roots to stand strong.

Can I be the water that flows without destination,

Every droplet, No race From ocean, To ocean, In ocean

It just always flows without any winner.

Can I be the fire that burn as it fits,

not feeling guilty or proud

For engulfing whole forests,

Or keeping it warm, the night and skin.

Can I be in anyway, anything but I,

In the home state, where these spirits reside.

2 thoughts on “Anything but,

  1. It feels like read it quietly, read it loudly, read it alone, read it with friends, read and repeat and repeat .. it is so beautiful that I canโ€™t stop myself reading it and admiring you ..

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