You can cage me but not my will

I have been difficult to condition, I know it tries its best,

Sometimes, it feels like its almost there.

Yet I have resisted and the resistance has been my most natural state.

I have been tough one to crack,

Even though cracking seemed like an easy way path.

Even with all its fear and insecurities,

I have never been able to see it in a serious light;

I have been the most obnoxious subject,

Out in the cold has never been enough to get me in line,

It tries, and I suffer

But suffering feels like the right way out of this.

I have been its failed project,

It tries to fit me in the puzzle,

but I refuse to take the obedient shape.

I have not accepted the acceptable ‘I’,

Always remembering, what is there without the ‘I’,

What is there, when is no giving in to the conditioning,

What is there, when is no shame, no guilt, no what everyone will think ,

No fitting in to the mold, ‘I’ have been assigned with.

I do surrender to that what is remaining.

One thought on “You can cage me but not my will

  1. Beautiful ….
    This is with every person out there who wants to maintain what they are and not what people wants them to be but very few have the courage to stick to the previous scenario.


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