Friday, 13/8/2021

If language solved all purposes,
Then A purple Rose would not create
Billion unique thought trains.

Knowing nothing about a painting,
We still can understand it’s meaning,
If we understand the context, which it is in.

Communication is not that difficult between people,

Maybe language narrowed our perceptions
Broken less, created more barriers.

It is like the cane to help you walk,
But now that you are dependent,
Don’t even know, a walk without.

The words, they are beautiful!
Each of them have power to liberate,
They can untangle, the most complex knoted states,
That relief is incomparable.


Two people with same name,
Yet entirely different parable.
In parallel,
Two ‘Strength’, ‘Bird’, ‘Happy’, ‘Word’,
Different blueprint altogether.

Language is a support for our expression,
But the understanding individual expressions are key to effective communication.

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