Mirror, Mirror in the Lake…

In the worlds and words of Myths,

A story of love still holds;

The Greek Myth of Echo who loved Narcissus,

But Narcissus who fell in love with himself.

Its been said that they both were cursed,

Echo could only repeat the words she heard,

It was a retribution for her lies and deceits,

And Narcissus got a taste of his own medicine.

People who loved him were never good enough for him;

One day he saw his reflection in a lake,

And got enamored of his own image ;

After breaking too many hearts, Narcissus fell in love with himself.

As often as it does, it turned into an agony,

Just like those who loved him, he could never reach and touch his reflection;

His love too was incomplete.

It was a Poetic Justice crafted by Nemesis, The Goddess of Vengeance,

Reap what You Sow,

She saw to it.

In Ancient Greek Mythology, looking at one’s reflection for too long was considered a bad omen (It does make sense as it makes you more vain).

In the next part,

Let us see what is means now to look at our own reflections, Shall we?

2 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror in the Lake…

  1. This piece made me wonder and took some time to understand what the myth conveyed . Another aspect which you put at the end is making me question what do we really feel when we see our reflection.The psychology behind this is what you have beautifully expressed along with the picture is making me awestruck.Iam glad to be able to read this.

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    1. Myths have symbolic meaning to it is what I understand. Mirror’s Utility has changed with time and whether we are meant to look at our self is what puzzles me.


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