What does it take to distinguish between a real and a fake diamond?

The fear of the consequence of letting go, terrorizes me,

It makes me doubt, if closing the door is too harsh

I know, keeping it open didn’t bring in anything fruitful.

I did have patience for soo long, but how long one has to wait.

How long, one should wait?

I don’t think and feel, waiting is the solution

Someone’s value is not discovered or invented,

It is there, in plain sight,

If one chooses to see it.

If years were not enough to understand that someone is enough,

Then how many more will or should do it?

Answer : Don’t you wait for a second.

As cliche as it sound but it’s true, that just because you can’t identify a real pearl doesn’t mean it’s not real.

Value is seen for what it is if one understands the significance of that value. When we choose significance over superficiality, our values improve.

One cannot appreciate something that one is not or isn’t aspiring to be.

4 thoughts on “What does it take to distinguish between a real and a fake diamond?

  1. I think it is not defined by anyone’s valuation of the real pearl but when it is awakening of the pearl itself on it’s own.Thank you for this real gem of a thought.

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