Out of character

Some unique days, I lack a sense of self.

I lack, the Ego,

which would shape, and be shaped by, my personal nuances.

It usually would guide me,

to make peculiar decisions, to take certain actions,

in a reasonable, characteristic way.

When I am having, such lack-ego days,

It would make me feel lost,

But maybe,

what I feel, is free,

and I just don’t know that freedom could feel like this.

Freedom from expectations, which my ‘set ego’ would have.

There are no expectations on these days,

Regarding, how, what, why and who.

It just might be, a sweet spot,

which I have been looking at, as a crisis.

Just the right window of opportunity, to do everything out of character,

To be every character.

It might be the sweet spot,

where I can exist,

as if,

I never was born,

as a person confined in a physical form.

2 thoughts on “Out of character

  1. First of all let me congratulate you and thank you for these wonderful lines.If I may say I am envious of you and that “sweet spot ” as according to me i try to achieve that state where the ego is absent or we can think of ourselves without the physical existence but not able to reach.But I am happy for you.

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