Homo anxietatem

The problem with going with the flow is lack of agency, the benefit of going with the flow is lack of accountability.

When we live with other human beings, it’s most likely to be suggested by their lives. What they choose, what they do and what they avoid, impacts our thoughts and sometimes actions.

We live with a state of anxiety and it’s most natural to be in that state. Our lives are tapestries, made with series of uncertain events. Anxiety is the only possible state we can be.

Yet anxiety is most definite, when we choose to choose our own choices. When we choose to not follow and to lead our own lives.

Uncertainty is the only thing that is there when we lead our own paths, make our own decisions, face our own consequences. Uncertainty is blunted when we can choose from the choices others made, because the outcome and consequences are known. It’s ‘more secure’, less anxiety prone way of living out this life.

Walking the same, overused path can feel secure and the price we pay is the absence of ‘adventure’, hence seeking out adventures and living dangerously to escape the all mellow peace of our life.

Walking on a windy, weedy, not-even-a-path path is the adventure itself, and the price is walking solitary(mostly). The reward is the utmost peace and content, that you find in the all thrill that is your life.

Anxiety remains no matter how we live our lives, apparently it was an important part of terms and conditions in our contract called life, that we couldn’t read but signed.

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