Ready for a ready man

For someone who is ready to make fire,
just a little bit of friction, and he will cherish it as a blessing,
Otherwise the sticks were lying all around him before too.

Seneca wrote,
words are like seeds, if sown in the proper soil, the shoot will rise high up.
Although, if the soil is not in the necessary condition, there won’t be any produce.

Mind is exactly like that,
a mind actively looking for the right words would treasure it,
while a mind oblivious of its need,
will walk past the treasure without even noticing it.

How lucky are we all, to be alive at the futher part of the humanity,
Doomed in some ways, we might be,
But in so many more ways, we have gift of wisdom,
the wisdom that has been accumulated over time.
And it’s all there,
Ready for a ready man.

Futher we are, from the start of humanity,
More promising will be our chances to gain the benefit of the painful and arduous journey to wisdom, man has and will have endured.


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