“Can you stand people who treat their friends with complete neglect and then mourn them to distraction, never caring about anyone unless they have lost him?”

Letters from a stoic – Seneca

I am grateful for each and every one of you, whom I have met and known.
Apologies for the times, I was not able to give you my best version. And regret for the times, where I could not explore the depth and beauty of your being. It’s more of my loss, to have missed getting enriched by your existence, to get glimpse of this occurance of a life as your perception. Yet I have become more myself by knowing you, even a little. I am so very grateful that I could experience you. It has been my privilege.

To survive in this world, the way I have known, one must have a well developed ego, they say. With that respect, I know with many of you, I have burned bridges. Even if it was not so volatile everytime, sometimes our paths just diverged away. In that case too, you have added something to my life. I see it now, if not yet, I will see it soon. No matter how we left off, you matter as well, you made my life more dear to me, made me realize that how rare of an occurrence it is, for people to meet, connect and last together.

We are connected to each other through collective unconscious, it’s believed. Whatever all has been said and done so far, if I ever think about you, I want to send you blessings only.

I have my reasons to love few of you just from far away and not have you in my life, but its a consequence of my existence in the body-spirit dimension.

I know when this will be over, whenever it does today, next week or in years; I have an intuition that we will find each other in the, as the, secrets of universe.

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