Till they cover me in daisies

The flower that grows through the cracks of the concrete,

It’s just same, that voice, that inkling, which keeps itching you from inside.
The itch that can feel like a nudge, a shake or despair.

When you accept, less than you deserve,
You feel that itch

When you are treated with less dignity than a human being,
You feel that itch

You think, you can’t stop the outside forces, and you can’t as well stop yourself, from accepting less.

It is that itch, that comes back again and again, it is like that flower growing through the concrete.

That inkling, when arrives, can make you feel bad, but it’s your friend.

It’s you, some part of you, resilient as that flower, which keeps on growing, keeps on flourishing, keeps on taking space.

It nudges you, it reminds you, that you deserve better,
especially, when you think, you don’t have enough self love, to stand up for yourself.

If you didn’t have love in you for yourself, you would feel fine, when treated poorly;
But you don’t feel fine.

It’s that flower in you, reminding you of your worth.
It is standing up for you, so you can stand up for yourself.

P. S

When our part of body aches, it’s a mechanism, so that we pay attention and take care of it.

When you feel hurt, when you feel something is not right,
it’s a sign for you, to pay attention to it.

Feeling bad is not a punishment, it’s a protective mechanism of our mind,

Paying attention to the root of the feeling is the purpose of that feeling.


2 thoughts on “Till they cover me in daisies

  1. Congratulations for this beautiful piece of awakening that you bring with your magical words and making us pay attention to the feeling which we all must have experienced but not acknowledged until now and not acted upon it by not loving ourselves above everyone and everything.Thank you.

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