Norma Jeane

What would she say, if she saw it

If she saw, how she was perceived, is the way she is still perceived

Would she laugh it off, or be deeply disturbed

She is an icon, a symbol of something so fictional, that she is a fiction now

Would she be happy to be idolized, to be lusted after, to be the image, everyone wants and to be

The way one looks at her, is the only way allowed now

One might think, to look at her differently,
but who will be the true advocate for her

All that we know, is what sold and sells still,
Yet She was much more than we think her to be.


One thought on “Norma Jeane

  1. I do not think she would have liked to be perceived as just a beautiful picture but would have liked to be adored as a person with feelings and inner beauty and strength and to be loved and accepted for the same.Thank you for this.

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