A Witch

She was a girl, just a girl,

who wanted to be loved

that was her only longing.

She was in lack,

of love, of warmth,

She ached for it.

She encountered many,

and always hoped for that ‘dream come true’.

Does not work like that, does it?

Desperation and longing

can turn a sane person mad,

and that’s what became her,

after too many gambles.

Longing for love and affection,

affection and love.

Wondering, why it did not work with others?

Simply, they were not the one,

but the one, was her.

Herself, was her answer.

Many stabs, bullets and stakes later,

did she realize, that it was her, she was looking for.

The messy journey to herself, became her, then most dreaded and now most favorite.

She looked at nothing and no-one in the same way, the girl did.

She scaled everyone, never did the girl

She slammed the door when necessary, the girl never dared

She cared more for her soul, than to play nice, the girl never had a choice but nice.

The girl journeyed far, to become more than a girl,

She burned through the flames undeserved,

and that’s how, she became a witch.

4 thoughts on “A Witch

  1. Marvelous piece Sayali … Thank you so much for writing this.
    Every word has a different level of hit .. the title the content ..every thing.
    Thanks a lot once again..

    Liked by 1 person

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