(No)where to go, (Now)here to be

Muddied water sits still, after a while,

The sky clears, after the storm settles.

A pounding heart catches itself, after few breaths,

When there is (no)where to go, (now)here might be your best bet.

“Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional”,

Pain is an innate part of life, as goes the Buddhist saying.

I heard recently, suffering is pain multiplied by resistance,

Even the stoics say, ‘Amor Fati’, and they welcome their fate.

There might be an urge to fast forward, to the happier moments,

but have you met a person, appreciating their blessings, when they cannot appreciate their lessons?

Its true, one cannot see the light, if they haven’t been in their own darkness,

When there is (no)where to go, (now)here can be your best bet.

Do not wrong yourself by abandoning yourself, when the grief and sorrow strikes,

There are too many answers, in the very moment, you despise,

There are keys found, to the doors right.

Who deserves your patience and love, more than yourself,

What in the world, needs more attention and care, than your wounded self,

When there is (no)where to go, (now)here is your best bet.

2 thoughts on “(No)where to go, (Now)here to be

  1. It is a authentic way of going about life and appreciating every experience and taking care of yourself in the pain as well as happiness,more so in the difficult times.You again came with this beautiful piece of poetry so thank you very much.The best is the title.

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