Attention Capital

What should I write, why it isn’t coming to me?

Why I am not able to express?

I am consuming enough, then why cant I create?

C.O.D.E is for Collect, Organise, Distill and Express,

Where am I stuck at,

What is hindering me to fulfill the last stage?

I know, I collect a lot,

but collecting without organising is cluttering,

Organizing without distilling is hoarding,

Distilling without expressing is unused potential.

I search and consume, but until l find an outlet to express,

I feel physically and mentally sick.

More dreadful than sitting idly,

I dread sitting on things.

I know, it will all end eventually,

Till then, I give myself purpose, and take care of affairs that matter to me.

I want to finish what I start, so that I can start something else.

I want to resolve the conflict and curiosity in my head,

so that another conflict and curiosity takes hold of me.

Overconsuming makes me feel static, passive and stuck,

When what I want is movement, result and closure.

Does not matter, all important everything,

but matters what, why, and how is something important to me.


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