It is a really big world, and even more bigger the universe we perceive.

It is so random, strange, scary, pleasant, unpredictable, familiar and then so unfamiliar, all at the same time.

We all do a really good job at keeping it together,

And if you are here, breathing and still carrying on, you are keeping it together.

When everything is so balanced, that happiness calls for sadness, and life for death,

It takes bravery and courage to keep going on,

It takes strength and wisdom to enjoy what we still have.

In between the start and the end of this soulful chaos,

we are blessed with people, who show us that we can rely on them.

Don’t beat yourself up, we all sometimes, take things for granted,

we all wish we showed a little more gratitude to the person who has our back.

We are saved by their acknowledgement of us,

We know we are loved, when they choose to care for us out of all the others.

Knowing that, even in memory, can carry us to the end of our journey.

Through the tough times and doubts of, if we matter,

Those people and their memories give us a shelter.

I hope you always have a shelter and wish that you can be someone’s shelter.

2 thoughts on “Shelter

  1. The meaning and the memories “shelter” brings to our mind are may be different for everyone but your beautiful and loving words gives a deeper and soothing aspect to it,not only material but human (people) can be like a shelter for us.Thank you ❤️

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