The Curious Case of Existence

Is it more contenting to organize, The way you exist in this life?

Is it better to micromanage it’s every aspect, Or just live through the chaos and let it unfold ?

But doesn’t it all just end, for all those perceived ‘victors’ and ‘failures’ ?

It all just end.

What is the “accepted” way of existence?

It is birth, getting fed and hopefully protected,

And then left into the wild after being taught, What is what, how it is what it is, why it is what it is.


The ‘Whats’ are defined and falsely stated as facts,

The ‘Hows’ change with time and convenience,

The ‘Whys’ gets shallower than the puddle of water.

If our choice is to exist even after all this,

How we are going to conduct ourselves?

Should we shed the burden of what is “expected and accepted”?

Will it then make this win-win or lose-lose state of existence less boring, less scarier, little less absurd and painful?