An introvert’s nest…

Come, I Want To Take You Somewhere,
It’s A Strange Place At First If You Have Never Been There Before;
But It Is Hauntingly Peaceful If You Stay There For More.

Come, I Want To Take You There,
Where Silence Is Accompanied By The Music Of Thunder And Rain ;
And The Candles Burn Brighter And Warmer In A Cold, Cozy Space.

Come, Let Me Take You Inside,
But Watch Out For Your Steps As You May Tread Upon
Stories Of Unknown Times ;
Blank Pages Lie There Craving For Their Tales,
But The Written Ones Hide The Secret Of The Pen.

Come, You Are Welcome Inside If You Promise Me One Thing ;
That You Will Leave Your Poker Shield In The Made up World Outside.

Come, You Can Be Real, No Conditions Applied ;
Because You Are Now Inside
An Introvert’s Nest…

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