The Phoenix rose from the grave…

Why You So Quiet When She Is Screaming Her Lungs Out,
They Violated Her Body And She Cut It Too,
But You Just Watch Quietly When She Is Screaming Loud.
Why You So Still When She Is Agitating Like A Trapped Bird,
Her Demons Are Winning While Her Guardian Angels Are Asleep,
But You Are Watching Still When She Is Trying To Escape.
Why You So Afraid When She Is The One Living Her Fears,
They Tore Her Apart When She Was Just A Kid,
But You Are So Afraid When She Is The One Living In Dread.
Why You So Cold When She Is Burning Alive,
She Showed You Her Darkest Past And You Used It Unwise,
Your Actions Said She Was Unworthy When She Also Disgusted Herself.
You Broke Her So Many Times That There Was Nothing More To Break ;
But That Was The Unknown Time The Phoenix Rose From Grave.
Now She Is Never Going To Look Back;
Now She Will Never Crave You More ;
She Will Never Let Herself Down Again The Way You Always Did.

What Changed You May Think That She Isn’t Anymore Low ;
Well She Felt Her Heart And She Knew She Was Gold;
She Understood Her Resilience, She Heard Her Roar;
That’s How She Knew She Was Always Enough And She Liberated Herself To Explore Her Soul…

She Was The Phoenix Who Rose From The Grave…

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