Despised ally…

I Know You Don’t Like
Discomfort, Pain, Loneliness
And All Things Blue;
But These Are The Motivators Of The Best Life,
You Know It Too;
Maybe You Don’t Want To Accept
This Hard, Bitter Truth.
Yes The Time Spent Loving And Be Loved Is Blissful,
But It Will Hold You Back
If You Hold On Too Tight, Too Long..
The Shallow Breathing,
The Amplified Heartbeats,
The Heavy Heart
And The Flooding Eyes;
You Are Running Away From Them.
Run Till You Want To,
But Longer You Runaway,
Slower Your Mind Grows
And Weaker You Are Built.

Maybe It’s Time To Stop Running And Live It,
Because You Will Be Surprised
By The Rewards Of Resilience And Endurance
That You Unknowingly Wanted To Receive.
Don’t Run Away Because ‘To Be Alive’
Is To Bear Thunder And Rain
To Earn
The Beautiful Rainbow And Bright Sunny Day…

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