The Markings On Our Bodies From Birth Are Telling Stories,
These Markings Were The Farewell Gifts
That Our Souls Received To Carry On To New Life, To New Vessels.
They Tell A Tale That We Forgot
But Is Hidden In Our Deepest Core,
They Are Usually Unseen, They Are Usually Missed
By The Blinded Vision Of Present.
We Do Come Across Some People Who Observe These Markings
And Are Fascinated By Those Unheard And Unknown Sagas,
They Try To Imagine Where Those Stories Came From,
Maybe They Feel Close To Those Tales.
They Feel Safe With The Existence Of Those Untold Sagas ;
Maybe They Somewhere Came Across The Soul In front Of Them In Other World;
Maybe they Are Connected To Each Other
Through An Invisible Thread From Past.

2 thoughts on “Reminiscence…

  1. You really are giving a treat to our eyes and increasing the hunger for soul stirring and thoughtful words about whatever topic u are choosing and making us think in a deeper way

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