Why I wander, you wonder?

I hoped you would listen when I cried, “Don’t leave me”,
Understand that the people you are leaving me with do bad things to me.
I hoped the earth would take me inside when I suffered alone on a dark lonely night.
I said I want to go hoping you would stop me,
I said leave me alone hoping that you would hug me,
I said I am alright hoping that you would read,
Inbetween the lines that my heart hurts but I want to be alright.
I need to tell you why I behave the way I do?
But I can’t find the words to justify the truth.
I exist in the World but do I need to exist in similar way everyone does?
I exist in the world that is pain and chain,
I live in a world that is blurry and meaningless,
But I wander in a world that is fine and free…

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