“Paying the dues “

The train of thoughts take me to places,
It is the best expedition and worst vacation.
To the past of this life, it takes me to you,
You ,whom I gave all my love,
You, whom I gave all my care,
But I didn’t know you had other plans,
I didn’t know you had other muses,
Because I was too lovestruck by the feeling of love.
You who took it all and still complained you didn’t have enough,
You,who found love in other places when I was making our home.
I surely was dumbstruck because I didn’t see my worth.
You who criticized the way I love when you never gave a loving glance,
I surely was dumbstruck because I didn’t know what I deserved.
You think I want it all, you think I want you again?
I am past that point if I be honest and I don’t have anything more that I need to experience from you.
I learned that it is important to take stand for myself,
I learned not to love blindly,
I learned to follow my gut feeling,my intuition,
I learned to look for actions rather than the words,
I don’t think I can learn anything more from you,
You used me for your selfish interests but atleast universe brought you and took you for my best interest…

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