Buddha said, that suffering is an inevitable part of living.

It is caused by desires and attachments,

Suffering can be eliminated or managed by

Re-calibrating those desires and attachments.

The desires and attachments are many for the many individuals;

And the root cause of suffering is the attachment to the perception of an ‘identity’ and the desire to fulfill that ‘identity’.

These ‘identities’ are like the puzzles with ever-changing puzzle pieces,

We find one piece and the other piece somewhere else changes, changing the whole puzzle.


Making the task of finishing the puzzle and fulfilling the identity unending and unreachable.

If ‘I’, the identity is bound by the desires and attachments,

And the desires and attachments are bound to the identity ‘I’;

Therefore, ‘I’ is bound to ‘I’.

Freedom is for the (no)one, who sees the puzzle and its puzzle pieces,

For what they are and not what (no)one is.

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