An Ode to her

It would be preferable to not have any form,

Just the energy and its source warm,

No need to be this or that

On this stage to perform.

Although, this is what I was given to work with.

No pride or arrogance but the constant observer speaking.

Observing every adversities and the dirt around,

Trying to drag this being down,

She didn’t use force, but she transformed,

She didn’t curse, but she moved on.

She might have thought of giving up,

But she still continued betting on her strength.

She says kill me or I become stronger,

She says I live so I will prepare,

For there is more to come.

Energy of the source she is,

But I am proud of the person she is.

Going back in time, I see her strength,

And Coming back to time , I remember who she is.

Before and now, they have their hush voices and rumours,

But maybe she is more interesting than their own lives and mirrors.

She was the warrior,when they saw a kid,

She is a fighter, defending her will to live.

It will be preferable to not have any form,

But if there is a choice again, her’s is what I bet on.

2 thoughts on “An Ode to her

  1. I am so proud of you beta.This is the motivation you are yourself and spreading for others .Never forget that what you are today is because of the fight and struggle you did for are truly a wonder woman.

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