Risk to live

Home is the state I am,

My body, Each breathe, The feeling of being what I am.

Many places we born, live, struggle, thrive, die in,

But home is always the state of what you are in.

It seems that sometimes a place feel so comforting and familiar,

That leaving it feels like taking a big bad step,

You can never un-take.

Although, What is the outcome if not the step,

The comfort, the familiarity of the known

But the wonder about the possibilities of the unknown place.

To the steps that are courageously made,

To steps that are thought of towards the unknown place,

It might give a little assurance if not relief,

That All of our existence came to be known,

Also from such distant unknown state.

2 thoughts on “Risk to live

  1. What you tell about what “to be home” feels like is our comfort zone and stepping out is going to that unknown ,yes it is scary at first but how will you know the new and unknown which is the growth you need till you step with that bold conviction that lets see what happens.And when you do that and have a taste of the unknown ,you realise the importance of ” home- the familiar place which receives you with the same warmth and comfort as before . Thank you for this lovely perception.

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