Enough ?

Perfect for whom?
Perfect to what end?

Perfect, So you become more,
Perfect, Because what is, is not enough.

Fair enough, So what is enough?
Is perfection a set standard ?
But what if the standard is not enough,
Once it’s conquered.

Where is the end to perfection?

Should there be an end?
Shouldn’t we strive to become better?

Striving to be better, Yes.
Yet perfection is not a goal but a state that can never be reached.

Perfection is an idea one gives to oneself,
When one does not feel good enough to be loved.

But everyone is innately good enough to be loved.

Then maybe one punishes oneself with perfection,
For not being loved.

4 thoughts on “Enough ?

  1. What a commendable piece of work!!
    The irony of striving to reach the so called perfect state when the perfection itself is not perfect for everyone.
    That’s why it is rightly said, love yourself unconditionally because all the conditions and state of reaching the perfection or the ultimate are just illusionary things .. all in ones mind and that’s why I think everyone should be their better self and not the perfect one.

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  2. I am glad to have the privilege to read your thoughts.i think the idea of what perfect is, should depend on the individual and what she or he decides for themselves.it should not be according to what others decide the definition of ” perfection”.our ability to strive and thrive in this world in our own way and on our standards is what perfection should mean.thank you for this beautiful post.

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