Some fancy word

There is so much clutter in here,

I can’t find the thing I am looking for, It tends to go out of sight, just when I think I see it.

So many ideas, so many concepts , so many perceptions seeped in.

I didn’t even realize how much space they started to occupy in here,

It’s hard to tell now, who was I before they started.

I want to save up all that space for something beautiful, something that will enrich the world in here.

I hate this urge to rhyme.

Yet, I need (so pathetic!) to feel accepted by the world that exist outside, which now even occupies the inside.

I can throw away the clutter I see outside, which I can touch, I can conceptualize;

But how do I throw away that is in here,

So articulate, when I am trying to ignore it,

Yet so abstract when I intentionally notice it.

How I can get rid of everything unessential, I see out there,

That’s how I want to choose the choice to be the minimalist inside.

With great clutter, comes great anxiety.”

4 thoughts on “Some fancy word

  1. You are amazing in expressing the condition of the inner space which is full of unnecessary and unwanted thoughts and in need of clearing in a beautiful poetic way.

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  2. This piece is so great.. I really love how metaphorically you have used “clutter” and the need to clear it for real vision.
    Really really a masterpiece

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