Our Affair with Vanity

Our valuation of vanity is far more greater than the value we put on improving the act of doing and being.

When I say ‘our’, I mean you and I, noone else. This is a dialogue, an intimate conversation where I am writing this words and you are replying with the thoughts, feelings, sensations and memories emerging inside you, only you and I are accountable. It’s not something to just read and agree with, it needs an action from our (you and I) part. Feeling a sense of righteousness in agreeing with something and not recognizing how one fits in that narrative is detaching oneself from that topic, that philosophy, that concern, one is entertained but not really transformed by it.

Rather than giving you a sense of gratification by writing more about vanity and how, why, we put value on it over everything else. I will leave you to find it for yourself. If you do it, you will be transformed,  if you don’t, you will be just someone who associate with an idea without challenging it, who does not apply the 1000 books one reads.

We keep on talking about problem statements like consumerism, misogyny, climate change, see it as an objective issue. It’s a subjective issue and guess what, you and I are the subject.

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