A Rich Legacy

The generation now is suffering, yet the next is likely to suffer more.

The archtypical mother nurtures the babe, feeds before it asks to be fed.

The archtypical father provides and protects, the babies know, they are safe when he is there.

What is your legacy, mother and father of last century?

Did you nurture, protect and provide for your legacies?

By creating all the ways to live,

Did you think, whether the children from here after, can be sustained by the ways you live.

“The true character of a society is revealed in how it treats it’s children.”- Nelson Mandela

The worst part is that, the children are paying, for the sins against them.

2 thoughts on “A Rich Legacy

  1. It is true what the previous generation has done to raise their children, mainly followed their parents.But in reality never gave much thought to the responsibility they had towards the children and their upbringing to be able to deal with the world outside their homes. The mistakes were repeated.What I feel mainly that the materialistic and so called social aspects were given more priority over the nourishment and enrichment of the core(soul), inner world which truely makes us more human and our foundation strong enough to face the outside world.Our unending and thoughtless consumption is really a crime,for which the children are being punished.

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