Muscle memory

A sense of urgency, the urgency takes over me.

The anxiety is nothing but a feeling, that something, I am missing, I am chasing.

Not necessarily a necessary thing,

Yet I am compelled, almost conditioned to chase it.

It’s undeniably abstract and hence frustratingly puzzling.

How to set yourself for an impossible task,

Consider this an exhibit.

There is no magical solution for urgency,

But accepting the reality.

The reality of present, brings me back to my senses,

Just like my senses bring me back to the reality of present.

Giving in to looming urgency, is an addiction, quite easy.

It is a skill, a muscle build, to be in the present indefinitely.

One thought on “Muscle memory

  1. You are truly awesome by presenting such beautiful thought of “being in the present” and staying in it not by miracle but by conscious unending efforts.

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