The pain of death is for the living, Those who are gone, are at peace.

The heartbreak is for the ones who are left behind, They have to go on because the sun still rise.

The world is not the same without them, It will never be the same, even if time passes.

What comfort can be comforting, when people we love leave?

The story we tell ourselves, the story we believe in.

If we are born, then we have to leave, that is the way it has always been.

Who has existed in this world, who doesn’t leave?

What story we tell ourselves, when they leave?

What story we believe in?

There is still comfort in knowing, in believing that they are at peace.

Where was the child before it came to be?

Where do the people who we love go, when they leave?

If we were at peace before our birth, then can’t we be at peace after we leave.

The love we have for them, does it vanish just because we can’t see them?

It is alive in our memories of them.

We rethink everything we said and didn’t , but don’t we know in our hearts that they know our love was real?

To keep them in our hearts, what can take that away?

What can take away the love we have for them?

Rest assured, they will continue in the memories and stories we had together.

This grief of loss has fallen upon us,

Believe, they have become the part of that something that looks after us,

They are not away, even if we can’t see them,

They are much closer now, giving us the strength to live on just one more moment without them.

For you Aajoba

2 thoughts on “1939

  1. Thank you very much beta.You have aptly put into words what we are feeling for Dada and true he is there around us and his way of living the life to fullest will guide us always .

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