Cruelty and Self righteousness

From day 1, ask the question, can this be true consistently ?

What this new person is saying and showing .

A lamb is fed till fat, all for the sacrifice,

A predator is harmless before the attack.

Sometimes we learn the hard way,

It’s usually after a broken heart and crumbled self esteem,

We learn not to assume trust in the beginning.

What I learned is to let them earn that trust,

My way has been, giving away trust and wait till its broken.

I did my blaming, myself more than the others,

Some people are wired to trust,

Some people are rewired by experience.

Learning the hard way hasn’t been fun,

But I would rather prefer the lesson, than to go through it all over again.

2 thoughts on “Cruelty and Self righteousness

  1. You are right in saying that do not assume but see , experience and then trust with the help of all your senses and also the intuition (gut feeling).

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