How unknown my own inner life is,

My soul’s wish doesn’t agree with the concrete reality, logic and reasoning.

I have and I still resist, my own feelings,

I suppress them so unsuccessfully, they still persist.

You would think, why do you resist, just feel it and go with it.

I do want, so deeply, to do that,

But there is no safe place to let them in;

Can’t help but to feel like the deer with its jugular buried in lion’s teeth.

I know from what I have learned so far,

Accepting how you feel, however unreasonable, is the first step to healing,

So here I accept that I love, and it has turned out to be my weakness,

So here I accept and surrender, and I hope to be healed out of it.

4 thoughts on “Jugular

  1. To love is not your weakness. You will see one day how it’s your greatest strength when you will find the place/person where your love will be appreciated and will be treated as the most precious thing of this earth.

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