Deer in headlights?!

Subjectively speaking, being vulnerable has been THE highlight of being a human.

Showing vulnerability meant, a gut wrenching, humbling and rewarding state,

In that sequence, usually.

A google search defined vulnerability as “a person’s willingness to accept the emotional risk that comes from being open and willing to love and be loved.”

The google search, which proved unsettling, is the one that is acceptable by the popular nerve.

Outrageous synonyms,

‘sucker’, ‘defenseless’, ‘exposed’, ‘sitting duck’, ‘weak’,


Antonyms, even more cowardly,

‘protected’, ‘safe’, ‘strong’ !!!

Again speaking subjectively, these, offensive words haven’t been anywhere near truth, when considering big picture.

Feeling exposed and uncertain is one half of the story, finding courage to be authentic, more connected to yourself and the others, is the other half and more conclusive part of the story.

Disappointments are too many in vulnerability, you see yourself, as well as the others in a realistic light.

Yet the reward, the satisfaction of acknowledging, knowing and accepting yourself as you are, no matter how messy,

Makes being a human worthwhile.

Fragility is not being vulnerable, but not being able to be vulnerable.

3 thoughts on “Deer in headlights?!

  1. You are like a storyteller but not telling a fairytale or a story of someone,but who is opening and narrating from pages of emotion and feelings which are relatable to any human being on this planet . Thanks for another beautiful gem .


  2. Your perspective of vulnerability is lot more nearer to reality than Google itself.
    I think Oxford/google should adapt the newer and a lot more familiar version of “vulnerable” from your post.
    Truly amazing..

    Liked by 1 person

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