Nothing will really change what will happen, if I don’t write this sentence, but nothing will also change what will happen, if I do. Am I writing this as my legacy?

Somewhere inside me, obviously the answer is yes. I do not want to associate much with that voice but I do not want to deny its existence.

How many of these voices or whatever noun we give it, exists in us?

Do all these voices get to voice themselves, and how many are censored and tabooed?

What determines whether they are censored, what determined, that they should be censored?

Fluidy, smelly, fragile piece of us, human beings; we decide how others, will perceive us. we decide how we ourselves, will perceive us.

We want to edit the raw product that is us, for a perception that we think is and/or should be us.

There are so many pieces that makes, us. Are we brave now, to look at these pieces unfiltered?

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