I woke up and I realized, that I have no friends. Or atleast it feels like that I have none because I am not needed. No-one would care what happens to me, if I succedd, suffer, fail or perish.

I have been realizing that humans need to be needed. When you don’t have people who need you, depend on you, physically, mentally, financially, spiritually, no-one also cares what happens to you, because whatever happens to you doesn’t impact what happens to them. If it does, they would definitely care.

While an individual might not need you but your existence satiate people’s need for livelihood. To fulfil this need, people will overlook every thing about you that they won’t like, because you exist, therefore, they survive too.

Then, if you become a parent, the power of the need, your offspring would have, to be appeased, from the torture of the existence is emmense.

Then there are such needs that only arise decades, centuries, sometimes millenniums of marination of the needed. In the ideal world we won’t be enslaved by ‘need’, but at least one need that helps satiate the other monster needs is better. This is the need for Nietzsche, Seneca, Virginia Woolf, Debussy, Van Gogh, Marcus Aurelius, Carl Jung, George Orwell, Aldus Huxley, Albert Einstein, and thank everything that the list continues.

So I might be needed only by one or two today, but this life hasn’t ended yet and when many centuries will pass away, deliciously marinated, I will be ready to satiate you.

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