I am not sorry

You know, I am not apologetic for what I am going to say. I have seen human beings for my 10731 days of life. I do not consider myself a misanthrope, but I do pity humans, along with the pitiable human part in me.

We have this archaic, pathetic need to belong, to have someone who cares about, who cares for us. It is so selfish, this need. It does make you do petty, needy and sad things.

Parents cared, because it’s biology and a sense of duty. And then our desperate need starts to build up, to find a partner, to marry then, to make promises, so that none of you can leave each other, because who would stay with us and care for us if not for the institution of marriage and ‘sacred’ compulsion of a promise.

Living life on your term, by yourself and especially with yourself is so difficult if a concept for the herd of sheeps. It’s the easy way out, but let’s glorify the bondage as divine and meant to be. Like you are doing a favor to the world, you are being part of the society, the same society that burdens this earth, this very moment.

Let’s face it, how can a weak willed, insecure human live with themself. They have to have someone to take care, to love, to prioritize them, isn’t it?? And no-one is going to do that if not for bonds, institution, societal surveillance, isn’t it??

So wrong!!

Have some guts, and stop being so needy and call your desperation what it is. It’s your biology and weak mindset that you give in to.

It’s truly sad.

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