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I say, atleast once, you ought to feel the hunger, to know the value of food,

I say, at least once, you ought to know what it is, to miss your loving home,

I do not say it, wanting you to punish yourself; but I say it, so that you could know what you have.

When you are in a far away country, surrounded by the exotic scenery,

Let your heart ache, for the home that’s waiting.

Even in that ache, you would be surprised to find something beautiful,

You would feel, a bit more sure about yourself,

Even if the odds are not in your favour.

You would know the gratitude of being loved,

Even when, Especially when, you don’t feel important in the unknown crowd.

Just like seeing the blue round ball, from the space above, makes one long for the home, which isn’t apparent till you experience it from distance.

Put some distance between you and your mob, to reap the fruit of gratitude.

The gratefulness for having a place, that you can call home and the people who makes it a home.

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