“Only that travelling is good which reminds me of the value of home and enables me to enjoy it better.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Would you know the value of home,
without leaving it?

Yes, certainly would know of the discomfort that comes with any change and hence value it for its comfort.

But I ask, whether would you know,
the sweet bitterness and strength that comes only after leaving home, especially when you realize you have one?

Would the ship realize the value of the anchor if it never sails far away, and find the stability even through the waves.

The fire, the power, you feel inside, when you know you have a warm home to go to, it keeps you above the cold.

When you know, you have people who loves you and have a belief in you, makes the impossible, possible,

Otherwise even the nicest amenities are distasteful, when you are surrounded by people, who makes you doubt your worth.

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