This one is not going to be pretty

I believe myself, to have no appetite for ‘tacky’,
Yet, I find them, slipping their way into my life.

I think, it is saying more about myself,
When wanting one thing, but accepting complete opposite.
I do not intend, to shame myself or others, in such positions,
But I ache, with a curiosity to understand, why I or someone, would do it.

Often, realizing myself, adjusting my liking,
Is it ‘people pleasing’ or  rejection of my own self.

Being assertive has never been easy,
And too often, I have crushed mine, in finding other’s humanity.

Every ‘tacky’ has some potential, and is a still ‘forming’ human being,
Yet, honouring that, does not mean,
I am suppose to, betray my own needs.

Every ‘tacky’ has a responsibility of themselves and their own growth.
However, I am not here, to realize their potential,
But to reach my own.

It might be brutal, Yes
But I feel, I might just fully embrace,

my ‘arrogance’ and ‘snobbishness’ ; )


2 thoughts on “This one is not going to be pretty

  1. I think putting yourself first and taking care of your needs is not being arrogant but being kind to oneself.So it needs to be embraced wholly.I liked it.

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