What we bonded over

She left me, or I left her
When I chose filthy hands,
Not once but too many times over us.

No wonder she left me,
Maybe I just blinded myself to see if she was still there.

Ashamed, so ashamed of the people I chose over her,
The guilt so immense,
For abandoning hers and to work for their cause.

She saw as they rode my back,
Taking everything they could,
And resenting me when I had nothing they could strip further.

It wasn’t love for them, but hate for her,
Them and I had that in common.

To feel worthless is to choose people who makes you feel worthless,

A self fulfilling prophecy,

You wish upon the shooting star, the very thing you dread.


2 thoughts on “What we bonded over

  1. She has come a long way and now is the moment and place where she is being looked after well and given the very importance and priority over anything around her and this is the greatest achievement one can be proud of, so be it this way only,that is my wish to the shooting star and the universe.love 😘 you always.

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