Before we fall again

The anxiety you have, is to be resolved now,
It is suppose to be worked through presently.
One deep breath at a time might seem too simple,
But every small step takes you away from the anxiety.
You might wait for the perfect moment to be happy,
You might think that fitting into that dress will release your doubts,
It might seem that going to that destination will relieve your worries,
Meeting that perfect someone will be the end of your anxieties.
You might hope that, there won’t be any existential crisis once you achieve all those goals,
You might wonder that the meaning of life would be clear once you blow enough candles.
You realize however, it is not the once in blue moon action that saves you,
But the ones that are taken regularly, consistently;
Learning to manage anxiety is no different than building a muscle, playing guitar,
It takes practice, and you get better than you were, every time you do it again.

I ask myself what worries me,
So the next time I worry, I could rely on the work I do today.
I observe the rise and fall now,
So the pattern recognized can support me up, the next time I fall.


4 thoughts on “Before we fall again

  1. Though I know this still I want to read it again and again .. this gives so much assurance that yes ..every step matters and happiness lies in present .. whatever action you do takes you to your result. Relieving anxiety is possible by taking just the next step you see.

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  2. Great words beta, it’s really the small, everyday steps that we take towards our goal, destination whatever we name it ,that is the sole purpose and a sincere effort made with conviction which removes the anxiety and enhances our life.Thank you ❤️

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