Story teller’s tale

The story I tell myself is how I want to see myself and the world, The story I tell others is how I want them to see me and then there is how the things actually are. Stories are interesting and gives meaning to me, you, the sunflower, the stone; by itself everything is just, is. We all, conscious, thinking, feeling beings crave a story, crave a meaning and we are doing or trying to do that since our conceptualization of the self/identity and this world.

Our birth for instance, the story can be a miracle, a good news or a bad news and a burden depending on the meaning associated to the birth by the people involved in the birth. There is the third option of a chance event which is the physical process of fertilization of the egg by the correct sperm without any intention or story behind it. Some math calculation estimating the probability of this chance event’s occurrence 1 in 400 trillion.

For the one who is born, it just happens without one’s intention to be born. One may give meaning to that event as a gift or as a tragedy based on the story that they tell themselves or the story that they want to be associated with. Then there is the option of the possibility of having no meaning for one to be born, to live and to die. The last one is rather grim and wasteful, it makes us feel an existential angst. We are like a lost traveler in a strange land without any knowledge of the destination, goal of the journey and no memory of home if there is any.

How can anyone live with that existential angst of not having a meaning to the existence? Miserably.

So hence comes the meaning, the story of you, me and all of us. The story is taking shape from the birth with the nurture to the nature of an individual and the perception of those by that individual. The perception is essentially the story one tells oneself. It is the understanding of things, it is the truth, a subjective one. It may be influenced and shaped by belief system, faith, religion, spirituality, science, self inquiry and so many others that are considered to be The Answer.

Subjective truths are everywhere, the truth of a hand raise by a student is an initiative for one teacher, the other teacher’s truth is that the hand raise is an interruption while the truth of the student is that they just want to use the washroom. Everyone has their truth, their story. The objective truth is rather boring, its inanimate and lacks meaning, purpose and it just is.

I am a good person. It is a subjective statement and is conditional. I would hurt someone unintentionally and then sleep at night thinking that I am a good person or I may hurt someone fully aware and then give some reason to why I have done that and then sleep at night thinking I am a good person. This proves that there is nothing like a good person or a bad one, we just do things and go along with life by telling and evolving stories of our life.

We all coexist together which means collision of those stories in a cohesive way or a non-cohesive way. When coexisting with others and with yourself, harmony is the smoothest way to go. It is disturbed by the dissonance of the subjective stories and gets stronger with the resonance of the subjective stories, giving it a disguise of an objective truth. The objective truths are harsher and detached like sun is always there in its place and doesn’t rise or set for us to carry on our life and the meaning of life.

Let us now forget that our existence is a chance event and the story you tell yourself about that one event that changed you, may play out completely different in other’s story. We need the story and the meaning to conduct ourselves forward, till we stop existing or whatever it is that happens. We are capable of finding meaning in everything, our resilience and craving for life is so strong that we do find meaning in our most painful experiences as well. We were not given the choice to be born but we are given the choice to have a narrative about the events that unfolded till now and how we want the story to go forward, It will end for us all one day but at least, we can decide what it means before it does.

Now the year 2021 is here, and the only way I see the story going forward from 2020 to 2021 can be previewed as follows:




Color Smart

Why are there so many colors present in the nature? What significance do they have? The Colors are most commonly categorized as Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red or VIBGYOR, the many colors of a beautiful, magical Rainbow.

I have a tendency to find patterns everywhere and when looking at the outside world, especially nature; everything just seems to fit. I just watered my cactus and after smelling the wet soil of the little pot, I kept it on the table and there it was the red hue surrounding the green center. The thorns making the red around the green shoot of the cactus and a thought crept up. How fitting it is for the fiery prickly thorns to have equally passionate red color and the quite, steady shoot having the calming green color. I am not color biased but colors do have their individuality and represents unique characters.

Photo by Ben Mack on

The Rainbow is made from the refraction of the white light and is seen in the way it is seen because of the scattering of the colors based their different wavelengths. Violet has the highest frequency and lowest wavelength, which is refracted the most and Red has the lowest frequency and highest wavelength, which is refracted the least. Other than looking appealing, are these colors, that are making up the nature telling us something?

They actually are the most easiest guidelines for a healthy mind and body. The colors of the fruits and vegetables are due to various pigments and nutrition that they possess. It is evident that the consumption of the foods of all the colors of rainbow leads to a healthy body.

Red fruits and vegetables like watermelon improves prostate health, DNA health, Yellow and Orange foods like carrot, orange improves reproductive health and digestive system, Green leafy keeps the heart strong and improves liver health, Blue and Violet foods like berries improves cognitive system; Brown and White foods like garlic, onion, nuts have antiviral and antibacterial properties.

What happens to our body when life becomes difficult and we feel what we feel, can these colors save us?

Greek philosopher Claudius Galen who served Marcus Aurelius gave the concept of humourism, and dominance of these fluids gives an individual temperaments. These temperaments are Sanguine ( Red) fiery and passionate but can be selfish due to excess of blood, Choleric (Yellow) confident and optimistic due to excess bile , Phlegmatic (Green) quite, rational, consistent and cool but can be slow and shy due to excess phlegm and Melancholic (Blue) poetic, artistic but prone to sadness due to excess black bile. Galen believed that the imbalance in these fluids caused illnesses. His ideas were later discredited but have influenced many psychologists since then.

Going back further in time to the concept of Chakras, it is considered that our body has 7 chakras that keeps the flow of energy in our body and blockage of any of the chakra causes imbalance and illnesses. These chakras are Root Chakra (Red) for trust blocked by worries and fears, Sacral Chakra (Orange) for creativity and sexuality blocked by guilt, Solar Plexus (Yellow) for wisdom and power blocked by disappointments and shame, Heart Chakra (Green) for love and healing blocked by loss and grief, Throat Chakra (Blue) for communication blocked by lies, Third Eye Chakra (Indigo) for awareness blocked by illusions and Crown Chakra (Violet) for spirituality blocked by worldly attachments.

It is considered that each chakra impacts the area of the body where it is present. Different emotional states impacts the organs in our body, stress on brain and heart, tension on neck and spine, grief on the lungs, anxiety disrupts the digestive tract, rage and jealousy impacts the liver, mistrust on the thyroid, anger on gall bladder, guilt on spleen, fear and shock on kidneys and fight or flight responses on adrenals.

The chakras can be healed by meditation and by eating foods that are of same color as the chakra. To heal heart chakra for example which is green in color, eating green veggies and fruits can heal it and also organs present near it like heart and lungs. As all chakras are connected, balance is reached by eating all the colors of the rainbow because the chakras are assigned the same sequence of colors as the rainbow from lowest frequency red for root chakra to highest frequency violet for crown chakra.

It is clear that nature is color smart and has simple effective ways to help us stay well.

So, did you eat your rainbow today?