You, Your Experiences, Your Emotions, Your Struggles
Make You As Unique As Your DNA ;
You Don’t See Moon And Feel
And Think Same As The Other Person Would,
Doesn’t That Make You feel Special,
Because It Should.
You Won’t See The Word Love
And Remember Same Person
And Same Memory As The Other Person Would.
Your Slideshow Of Thoughts Is
A Brand New Original Movie
Whose Story Changes Every Moment
And Can’t Be Copied.
You Are So Incredibly Different
That What You Are Perceiving While Reading This
Is A One And Only Viewpoint,
So Don’t Let Yourself Down
By Comparing Your Life Stages
To Other’s Because
They Would Not
And Should Not
Be Like Theirs .
Be Extremely Confident
That You Are Absolutely Irreplaceable.
I Request You
To Be Proud Of Your Wonderful Oneness.

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